Things you Must do in goa during Christmas

Posted On October 17th, 2022

Things you Must do in goa during Christmas

Christmas celebration in goa is one of the most much-loved festivals. Whatever faith you follow, having a fun Christmas is something all expect. On the other hand, a perfect way to add some style to your merriment wants to visit a destination that truly understands how to celebrate this celebration with the greatest passion. There are many things to do in Goa at Christmas.

Things To Do during Christmas celebration in goa


Pamper in enjoyable water activities in during Christmas celebration in goa at the Anjuna, Baga, Candolim, and Vagator beaches. Here, from the layperson lover to the expert enthusiast, the sapphire waters of Goa offer countless options. Travellers can opt for massive arrays of sports like jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and kayaking.


Beach travelling is amongst the perfect things to do in Goa at Christmas. Take up the Sun on these exotic seashores and money on the richly deserved celebration. Finally, you are on holiday in Goa. Pamper as much sunlight as you can and go swimming in the ocean. There are many stunning beaches in Goa. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For an airborne sight of the sea and its beach, jump on top of a hot air balloon during christmas celebration in goa. It is an ideal ride that provides a unique experience and an excellent opportunity to assist the employees with the price rises of the balloon. The feeling of being taken off your feet up to 2,500 ft. which you can only experience in a hot air balloon. 

Cycling – Chorao Island

Travelling around the woodland tracks on two wheels, you will explore much excellent golden grass and ever-present Coconut trees. Amongst the top important things to perform in Goa during Christmas, cycling at Chorao Island will also assist you in unwinding and increase your viewpoint. 

‘Silent Noise’ Party

The best thing to do during Christmas is going to the silent noise party in Palolem, located in Goa. No need to worry about a sound ban after 10 pm; using headphones helps travellers chill out throughout the night without troubling anyone around. Thus, party in so far as you wish to be aware of the surroundings and people’s surroundings. It is a great experience to get together, even so.

Club Hopping

An incredible thing to do in Goa during Christmas is the nightlife in Goa – it will allow you to enjoy unlimited. For every expensive club which is terminating, there are five others in a row that are coming up to restore it. 

Mandovi River Cruise

Amid the exciting things to do in Goa during Christmas, the Mandovi river coast offers an unmatched coastal experience in Goa. All cruises leave from the Santa Monica Jetty adjacent to the Mandovi Bridge. This two-hour-long sundown journey also involves a leisure show and dinner. In addition, travellers can choose a quick stay.

Christmas Celebrations

Goa is an abode to more than 400 churches; celebrating Christmas in Goa is a great memorizing experience. The boulevards are busy with life, beset with blinking lights, ornamented trees, themed markets, and festival foods. So seep in good merriment and pamper in joyfulness as you relish the bona fide Goan savours.

Art Of Literary Festival

Goa Art or GALF & Literature Festival is one of the perfect ways of relishing the creativity of writers, poets, musicians, and many artists all over the subcontinent and further than. If you want to get together with some amazing talents worldwide, you should visit the GALF, which is organised in December every year. If you love art, you should not forget to attend this art festival.

Mando Festival

With tuneful folk songs, charming dancers, and gorgeous outfits, Mando is one of the top song-dance performances. The carnival’s topic is love and romance, and here young men and women interlace musical patterns to the hit of a ghumot (a traditional musical device). It is the most exciting thing to do in Goa at Christmas.

Dudhsagar Falls

December is the moment when Dudhsagar Falls appears with a complete form of boisterous wild and building relatively a fascinating show. It is located within Mollem National Park. Thus, if you have a visit intended on your journey, you must visit the falls. You can also hike to the falls to add excitement to your experience. It is also the most excellent and beautiful place to visit Goa. If you overlooked the falls previously, then ensure you have listed this destination on your top list this time. It is the perfect thing to do in Goa during Christmas.

Mollem National Park

If you would like to travel to the wild side of Goa, move forward to Mollem National park; here, you can come across a wide array of animals and plants. You can spend quality time here throughout the day in the wild that appears with a plus point – Dudhsagar Falls. Of course, the incredible falls are situated within this very park. If you are a keen birdwatcher, this is a place to travel. You can also see Golden Oriole, Blue Mormon, and kingfisher within the park.

To Conclude

If you are a shopaholic, move to the flea markets in Goa and buy everything reasonably. From stylish attires to all types of bags and others are all available in this market. The market establishes during the evening around seven and continues till sunset in the morning. So if you do not enjoy shopping late at night, this is a place to shop now.


1. Is December a perfect time to visit Goa?

Yes, no doubt December is an excellent time to visit Goa. As there is a great celebration time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration in December, the places have plenty of festive seasons. However, throughout this time temperature goes up to 25 degrees Celsius, and the weather is very satisfying and agreeable. 

2. Is Goa costly?

Goa is not an expensive place to visit. Furthermore, depending on where they will stay and transport, where to eat you choose, and activities you pamper. However, even after all these things, you can go on a Goa trip within your budget.

3. What is Goa famous for?

Goa is a famous destination for its spectacular beaches, striking beach shacks, incredible carnivals, exploratory water sports, inexpensive alcohol, and luscious cashew nuts. Goa is also renowned for various parties, such as headphone and trance parties, almost daily.

4. Which are the best nightclubs in Goa?

Some of the best nightclubs in Goa comprise:
· Club Cubana
· Cafe Mambos
· LPK Waterfront
· Leopard Valley Goa
· Nyex Beach Club Goa
· Tito’s Bar and Club
· SinQ Night Club
If you willing to explore Goa then ensure you book your travel with, they are masters of the industry and your trip will be the most memorable one. Enjoy Goa travelling during Christmas. Best of luck.

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