Delhi Tempo Traveller 4 Type Categories: Standard Deluxe Luxury Maharaja

Posted On November 4th, 2022

Delhi Tempo Traveller 4 Type Categories: Standard Deluxe Luxury Maharaja

Visiting the beautiful city of Delhi and not exploring the place isn’t worth it. The city of Delhi welcomes lakhs of tourists annually on multiple occasions in a year. And for tourists, travelling becomes safe and convenient, and the availability of types of tempo traveller is there. Travelling, a popular activity in the city, has increased the demand for these rides. Not only can you easily access tempo travellers in Delhi, but these are also found at cheap rates.

Coming to the types of tempo travellers that can be accessed, the ride primarily has four categories, including Standard, Deluxe tempo Traveller, Luxury tempo Traveller , and Maharaja. All these four are in ascending order in terms of quality and features of those. To get a detailed view of all these four ariety of Tempo Travellers, you can avail in Delhi, read out the below sections in detail.

Standard Tempo Traveller in Delhi

The first category out of all the four types tempo travellers available in Delhi marks the place of the Standard or the normal one. This 9-seater ride primarily has a 1×1 seating capacity, and the latest versions are accompanied by all the amenities and premium support features.

If you’ve come to Delhi with a large gang, Standard Temp Travellers are considered perfect for local sightseeing, outstation rental, or even attending any local event. These tempo travelers are highly suited for long-route travels and offer comfort to passengers even in hilly areas.

Some of the best facilities that passengers can enjoy in these 9-seater rides are –

  • Individual Seat Belts
  • Music System
  • Charging point for both mobile and laptops
  • LED TV on board
  • Reading light per seat
  • Reclining Seats
  • Luggage Separate Compartment
  • Ample leg space
  • Extra headrest

As you can understand, despite being an average temp traveler, facilities are jam-packed for you, especially with entertainment gadgets. These rides can be accessed with or without air conditioning, and refreshment and ice box kits are in almost all of them. Moreover, a first-aid kit is available for emergency purposes, but generally, it isn’t needed as the drivers are highly skilled.

Deluxe Tempo Traveller in Delhi

Next in this list comes ride holding the 3rd rank among the four travelers, which certainly goes to Deluxe Tempo Traveller. Bearing not much different from the former Deluxe Temp Traveller is also highly preferred for long journeys. These 12-seaters and having a driver’s seat are generally available for outstation purposes only. It can be a family tour to Jaipur or a friend’s tour to Amritsar, or it can also be a marriage function.

Traveling for long is one of the most challenging things to bear, but this is where the magic remains inside a Deluxe Temp Traveller, which makes the journey comfortable even for significant distances. Booking Deluxe rides are also as easy as ABC, and the facilities in this course are also incredible. This ride generally offers seats for 12 people, excluding the drivers’ but you can find 9-seater deluxe passages in some instances.

As mentioned earlier, it is highly similar to the standard tempo travelers. Hence most of the facilities are the same. Some of the additional facilities you can get in Deluxe cars are –

  • Greater Speed
  • Pushback Seat Type 2*1

Also, note that these rides are available with air conditioning. However, if individuals bear AC problems, they can ask not to put it on and enjoy their ride.

Luxury Tempo Travellers in Delhi

The next name enters with Luxury Tempo Travellers in Delhi, which are indeed very luxurious for their features and facilities. Many passengers who have tasted all four rides have praised this one to a great extent, and many even stated this luxury one to be the best. These models can be 9-seaters, 12-seaters, and even 17-seaters as well.

These Luxury Temp Travellers in Delhi, available for rent, also offer services like Airport or hotel pickup and drop. Sightseeing, station transfers, and tours are regular works with which these travelers are engaged. These tempo travelers administer the passengers with a sofa and bed, along with pushback seats. And the thing which makes this ride way ahead of the former two is that it provides more luggage space and curtains for privacy.

You will indeed be spellbound to hear the additional features you can get in Luxury Tempo Travellers –

  • Chilled AC with air bowler vent
  • Night moon lighting system
  • Ice Box
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Color Fully Modified
  • Fridge
  • GPS and WIFI

Except for these features, you’ll also taste the facilities in Deluxe and Standard temp travelers.

Maharaja Tempo Traveller in Delhi

Last but not least comes Maharaja Tempo Traveller which will provide you with a ‘Maharaja’ vibe if you travel inside it. Firstly, you’ll be astonished by seeing the infrastructure of the Tempo, and secondly, the features you’ll get inside the ride will be ridiculously unique.

If you’re looking for a top-notch long journey to get accompanied by almost all the features you could get at your home. Maharaja Tempo Travellers will be a perfect suit. These rides are seen to be hired for leisure or official purposes. The other features discussed now will be readily available in this ride. Apart from that, the additional ones are –

  • Maharaj Seating Layout
  • Comfortable Push-back Seats with Headrests
  • Climate Controller
  • Professional, Uniformed, and English Speaking Driver
  • Incredible Infrastructure
  • Clean Seat Covers and Curtains
  • LED TV and Lighting

And in many models, bathrooms are also seen to be present in Maharaja Tempo Travellers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, before hiring any of these four tempo travellers, check out your requirements. If you have an old-aged person with you, opting for either Luxury or Maharaja Tempo Travellers in Delhi is recommended. However, for everyday purposes, Deluxe and Standard tempo travellers are more than enough to do your work.


Q.1 Are tempos safe to travel?

Ans: Yes, tempos are very safe and comfortable to travel with. They are the best option to choose when traveling with family. Tempos are very comfortable. They are luxurious and give ample leg space.

Q.2 How many categories are found in tempos?

There are four categories of tempo travelers:
1. Standard
2. Deluxe
3. Luxury
4. Maharaja

Q.3 Can we sleep in Tempo?

Yes, Tempos are very comfortable. There is enough space for a person to push the seat and sleep.

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